Thursday, February 23, 2006

Diggin' in the trash...again?

My husband and daughter have this saying, you know......"Don't leave ANYTHING laying around the house because it will end up in the trash." Well, true, to a point. I mean I don't throw away their shoes or cell phones or things like that, however, paper.........ahhhh, yes....papers laying around the house - coupons, newspapers, magazines, mail, these are the things I love to throw away. Nothing but clutter anyway, right?

I do have to admit though.......the other day I couldn't find my daughter's checkbook after I had fixed a few miscalculations for her and, lo and behold....I found it in the trash under a pile of old mail I had thrown away. Oh, and I have thrown away money more than a few times only to end up outside digging through coffee grounds and last night's dinner to find it. So, I guess I am not all innocent. I would probably be afraid I would throw away shoes and cell phones too!

And......un-used test strips. Damn. Yep, I did. But it really was an accident. You see, I picked up my test kit and it was unzipped and, unfortunately, the cap on the test strips wasn't shut either - so when I picked the kit off the kitchen table, a bunch of strips fell onto the floor. I just chalked it up as used test strips falling out and I quickly picked them up and threw them in the……….trash. Big sigh…Well, I didn’t realize until later that evening when I went to check my sugar that my test strip canister was empty and I knew that I hadn’t used the rest of the canister yet. And then I remembered…….and then I rushed to the trash can as fast as I could. Under the food and under the coffee grounds I did find some test strips that had shielded themselves under some papers. I think I picked about 5-6 out of the trash can, however, I think I threw away about 12 or so. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until I realize I am only allowed so many a month and it is a pain in the you-know-what to try to get them sooner than the refill time. So now I am trying to ration them.

My sugars have been higher than normal the past couple days as I have been trying to return to the non-celebration stage of after the doctor appointment. I also think I need to open my new vile of Lantus as my other vile has passed the 28 day mark by about five days. I try to use it as long as I can but then my numbers start to slowly creep higher and higher. I know that some use it for as long as possible after the supposed expiration date, and I try to, but can’t seem to get passed about 5-7 days.

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