Friday, March 16, 2007


When you were little, acceptance was all you knew. You had to accept what was given to you because you didn't know any better. You were vulnerable, just a child. You had to accept good things and bad things and you adjusted yourself for those things so that you could continue on, happily.

I have been asked some questions lately regarding my diabetes from co-workers because I attended a Customer Service Training Session which included a luncheon afterward. I didn't attend the luncheon simply because I had to go home for lunch because my daughter was getting ready to head to Florida for spring break (ahhhh!). Anyways, the co-worker I was talking to also knew I had diabetes and since the subject was food, she asked how I was doing with my diabetes. She told me she would never even think that I had it and I asked why. She told me that I never mention it and never seem down about it and she knows several other people with diabetes who have a real problem with it.

This brings me to the title of by blog, Acceptance. I was diagnosed about six years ago. My doctor very casually told me, "You have diabetes." Handed me some paperwork, told me to take these pills and check back with him in a week. I was devasted. I cried all the way home. I didn't know what to eat or what to expect at all. Fastforward to about a year after that day, when I was finally diagnosed as Type 1, I realized that this is just the way it is going to be. There is no changing this. I have to watch what I eat. I have to do these shots. I have to prick my finger ten plus times a day to watch my sugar levels. It could be worse. So, this is ALL I have to do? Yes. This is ALL I have to do. Sure, it can get in the way when I have to put a halt to everything I am doing so I can check my sugar to make sure everything is fine, but, I HAVE to. That's all there is to it. Acceptance. I have accepted it as part of my life. It is a part of me. A pretty small part actually. So, I continue on, HAPPILY.