Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter, Winter go away........

Diabetes can't really get me down, but adding onto diabetes with little things that aren't so great has got me down a little. I went to the doc yesterday and he told me something I already knew but haven't really put much thought into it. He told me I have something called Right Bundle Branch Block. Strange's when the wiring in the heart is just a little different. The "electrical currents" take a different route than they normally should. He didn't want to tell me not because it's bad but because it is nothing to worry about at all and a normal healthy heart can have it as well. Soooo......I'm not worrying about it...or am I? I am a little. He is scheduling me for an ultrasoud of the heart and a stress test just to rule anything out. That's good. I don't have symptoms of anything and I only went to the cardiologist because my heart seems to have this sensation of beating really hard, especially at night. Not skipping beats or irregular or anything, just hard.

And then my husband has been home from work for the last week (thank goodness for Aflac), because he had an episode of losing vision for a split second and then a headache and dizziness. The dizziness hasn't gone away and that is why he has been home. He has been getting a bunch of different tests done from MRI's to a Carotid Artery Test. The MRI and Cat Scan have come back fine so that is good. His mom is recovering from a double bypass in a nursing home that she calls dispicable. In my opinion, any nursing home is not great but she will only be there for a week and she is doing good. Does winter bring out all the illnesses, not to mention the lazies?

I can finally see our driveway which has been hidden away under all the ice and snow. I can't wait to see the grass! With all of this going on, my sugar levels have actually been pretty good.

So, with all due respect, winter.......could you just go away?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Handy Little "free" Boxes

Does anyone keep their insulin in the boxes they came in after opening them? I do. I find it is alot easier to tell which one to grab when reaching in the fridge, at any time of the day. Even when carrying my Humalog to work and back, the box is very handy and keeps it nice and safe. I have seen the colorful pretty little vial protectors, and they seem very nice, but I just prefer the box. Especially when they are being sold for $10 a pair when it probably would take $2 to make. Don't get me wrong, they are probably very handy for kids when they carry their insulin so that it just plain looks better. I would want them if I were a kid. They are pretty cool looking. Anyways, I would forget which one I put in which color protector and I would have to keep pulling the vial out to check! Oh well...

I am tired of winter. I have the winter lazies. I have started Pilates at home with my daughter. She really motivates me to do those painful body movements three times a week now! I am up to 20 minutes at a time and hopefully, if I can keep this up, I will be up to the full 45 minutes soon! Tonight I walk my 45 minute paper route - it is just too cold for that though. I enjoy the exercise but 24 degrees.......I can do it! I might need to grab me a cup of afternoon java to get through this day. Yea, the winter lazies grab me at work too!