Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saddened by Virginia Tech Tragedy

First, I have to say how saddened I am about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Just thinking about those that lost their lives, sitting in a college classroom to better their lives, hits me pretty hard. Our daughter attends college and it shouldn't be a scary thing. I know they say that there is a better chance of the moon falling to the earth than something like that happenening - but it does happen. And I don't remember the moon ever falling to the earth. So, anyways, my heart goes out to all that are suffering.

The media really needs to stop giving so much attention to these criminals. I mean, the criminals are mailing videos and pictures to news stations because they know attention will be given. Maybe if we stop watching and stop giving attention, they will soon realize that is one thing that will not come from their crime. They are given nicknames and the disturbing videos are shown on every channel. If the videos and pictures weren't shown, I wouldn't miss them. But the news stations need their viewers so they each try to outdo the other. And then there are the curious that want to see these pictures and the criminals themselves watch and get ideas of their own. In our city, two seperate school lockdowns have occured within two days. I know the attention to these crimes would never stop. It has gone on for decades and will continue for decades more. I think ALL the attention should be given to the victims, period.