Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Buddy - The Sugar Checker

Well, here I go. Getting ready to walk over to the far-away office to get the daily mail. Actually, I am suppose to walk over twice a day but once is enough for me. I leave my office and walk the, I am guessing, almost 1/4 mile to the mailroom. Let's see.......before I leave do I have my glucose monitor...check - my can of Sprite in case I get stuck in conversation or heaven forbid the building should crash down on my head and I am trapped.....check - how about my cellphone in case I get low sugar and end up in the bathroom and have to call 911 or something.....check - okay...I think I am ready. Everyone knows why I carry all this stuff. It is all like my big security blankie; without even one of those things, my mind starts racing and I am more than likely going to end up with a terrible anxiety attack thinking that, for sure, my blood sugar will go low. Even if when I leave my sugar is fine. I am so used to carrying this stuff around that if I did leave without it, it would be like walking away without my clothes on.

I have forgotten my glucose monitor, or as I like to call it, sugar checker, several times. I have had to treat myself for a low even if I didn't have one because I "felt" like I was having one. Even thinking it is probably just an anxiety attack because I don't have my monitor but treating it as a low anyways. Finally getting my sugar checker, testing and seeing a reading of around 300. "Oh well", I think, "Better to be too high than too low." Which is true at times like that. And I have learned my lesson well because I never forget it anymore. My husband and daughter are always helping by asking if I have it before we leave to go anywhere.

And I have to admit.......something that really grosses out my husband and daughter is when I lick the very small remainder of blood off the tip of my finger after testing and then put the used strip in my monitor case. To me, it is the most convenient thing to do.

I think we all have some funny and maybe not so sanitary diabetes related habits that would probably gross out alot of people! Hmmmmm.......sounds like a fun day at the office.

Quote from my fave sitcom, Scrubs:

Turk: You know, I never get chocolate cake.
Elliot: Oh right, cause your diabetic. Boo Hoo. You know, Turk, if you want sympathy, get a disease you can see!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wow - I haven't posted in eons!

I haven't kept up on my posts at all. I was reading the Diabetes OC website and noticed I was listed under Diabetes with Type 1! I made it into the Diabetes Blogging Community and I didn't even know it! It feels so great to share with others, this so-called "disease" and laugh and cry and everything that comes along with it.

I am trying to lose some winter pounds that have padded themselves firmly onto my waist and thighs. I weigh 130 and am only 5'1" so it is only about 5 pounds I want to lose. Adding to the little problem is the fact that I sit on my rear all day at a desk. Now I have seen people demonstrate exercises you can supposedly do while at your desk, but, I just don't see me doing those exercises and having my boss walk through my office area. Some of them just aren't real discreet! But I know the other problem...going home for lunch and eating too much. Plain and simple --- I need to cut down on the portion sizes of my lunch and dinner. I am used to this routine of what I eat and how much insulin to dose for it so to change that up means I then have to learn how much insulin to use again for the lower portions of food. But I will do it. I will.......I will.

Monday I tried this little trick that I read on the Special K cereal box! Eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch and your usual dinner and you will lose those pounds. Well, yea....I tried that and I didn't know how to dose after lunch. Needless to say, 43 two hours after my lunch of cereal. Try, try again! But really, I didn't try it again! That just doesn't sound very healthy and it doesn't taste too good either!

Well, in a couple weeks I will be visiting my doc and getting the old needle in the arm for my HBA1c test. My last test was 7.5. It has risen every year since onset. I am really hoping it will be down closer to 7 or under. The problem I usually have is overnight. I get so scared that I won't wake up if my sugar goes too low that I go to bed with it too high and add to that the Dawn Sydrome where my reliable body kicks in some extra glucose to give me the energy to wake up in the morning. I don't understand why my body does this because it doesn't help. I still don't want to wake up and end up hitting the snooze button until I am sure the clock wants to jump off the nightstand and run away in fear. Then, 1/2 hour after I am supposed to get up, I am able to drag myself out of bed. So, I really wish I could tell my body, "No thanks - I really don't need that energy boost of sugar." I just need to learn to go to bed with a good number of around 140. I also set my fearless clock for about 1:30am for a check which also helps. I think I have been doing pretty good......we shall see.