Monday, February 06, 2006

My doc appointment today......and Misc Junk

Well, my doctor appointment is over.......[big sigh]. I just don't like to go. It has been 11 months since my last appointment! Way too long to wait. The most dreaded part is when the nurse comes in to take my blood. I have to watch the needle being poked into my vein. I don't want the surprise of it. It doesn't really hurt, but when I hear the blood squirting into that little vial.......yick...I have to look away. And if I could plug my ears and cover my eyes, I would. If I could run away screaming and hide, I would. But I got it over with. It really isn't so bad, after it's done. I think about it too much and that makes it all the worse. And, of course, we have to fast for those tests. So, what if I would have had a low blood sugar in the middle of the night - what could I have used (besides glucose tabs) to bring it up? Can we drink clear liquids like Sprite or something?

"Your HBA1C levels have been slowly climbing since onset", said the doc. I know, I know. "If it doesn't come down this time, we will have to adjust your insulin". The last test was 7.5. My family doctor is who I see for my check-ups. He asked if I had an Endo. I do, but it is just so much easier to go to the family doc because my blood gets drawn right in the office. At my Endo I have to go somewhere else and it takes more time, blah, blah, blah. My doc was asking me questions about what type of diabetes I had. Duh? Type 1 of course. I wonder why he asked that? And then I told him that my Endo actually said I was type 1.5. My doc laughed at that. It kind of frustrated me. I didn't respond. I just guess that the regular ole' family doc isn't as informed to all the the diabetes info as the Endo is. I might just have to start going to my Endo for the visits, afterall. I don't know yet. He checked my feet with the little vibrating metal thing.....all was fine. I pee'd in a cup to check for protein in my urine. What dang fun it all is! It all only lasts about 15 minutes tops. I will have my results in a week. Or should I say, my grade? I really hope, really, really hope it is 7 or under. But I am not stressing about it!

I was up late last night helping my daughter with a couple essays. Seems I am her editor-in-chief. Commas are her worst enemy. She doesn't like to use them. I have to remind her everytime. Her essays are really good and she gets good grades so if I have to force her to put those commas in, it is all worth it.

I want to get a house this summer. I am really hoping we can afford it. I know we can afford a certain monthly payment but getting the APR we want, might be a little tough. We just got a new car too. A Pontiac Vibe - we traded in a Pathfinder. I will really miss the room the Pathfinder had but I will not miss the gas hog. The Vibe is like a mini-SUV. It is nice. I have my stash of sweets and glucose tabs in a nice little compartment. Like it was made just for me!

The Super Bowl sucked last night........I don't really like either team but I did NOT want Pittsburgh to win. I stopped watching after awhile. I dyed my hair and took a shower. The refs really didn't know what they were doing. It was like they were nervous or something.

OH, I have to mention that I got DVR over the weekend - you know, like TIVO. I don't know how this TV junkie lived without it before. We can tape anything at anytime, two shows at once..........the DVR will record all episodes of a fave show by setting it one time. I LOVE IT!

Gotta get to work!


Ellen said...

"If it doesn't come down this time, we will have to adjust your insulin". What kind of comment is this other than one from someone who doesn't get it. Insulin doses have to be adjusted frequently based on the last week or so's bgs.

Value yourself enough to go to a brillant endocrinologist for your care. You deserve just that. Please make the time to go to the endo.

Laura said...

Thanks - you know - you're right. My next check up will be with my Endo!

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