Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Slackin' Off

Ever since I recived the news of my test result being where I wanted it to be, I have celebrated a wee bit too much lately. Ummmm....chocolate chip cookies last night........too much ice cream and birthday cake over the weekend.....not checking my sugar as much as I was before my test. I knew I was going in to get "graded" so I was checking my sugar levels more than usual to be sure I didn't need a correction shot and if I did, I was right on top of it. I went to bed last night with a reading of 232! I was tired and I just went to bed anyways. I really don't like doing a correction shot before bed because I will usually end up low in the middle of the night. So I just skipped it last night. My usual reading before bed is around 140-150. A high like 232 doesn't happen too often before bed, but like I said...slackin'.

I wake up this morning with a reading of 208 and did my usual breakfast and usual shot and 2 hours later.........230. Oh well, I know why. I just need to get back on the diabetes track. Since I know I won't be going back to the doctor for a few months, I just tend to put my diabetes care to the wayside for a week or so after the strict control before the appointment. As Kerri mentioned........I should have celebrated my test result by going to the aquarium as well! But I don't think it is so bad to lax a little bit for a few days. It keeps us sane, I suppose. The constant attention to ourselves can be draining! So, my break is over! Salads, look out --- here I come!

When I do my injection of Lantus before bed, my siamese kitty Theo stretches up on my leg, reaches his paw out and touches the syringe while I am doing my shot. I used to think that this was cute but last night it kinda hurt! He also rubs against my legs exceptionally hard while I do my shot. I think he is just trying to comfort me, so I don't get mad at him! LOL

My injections don't hurt as much when I sit down. Does anyone else notice this? It must be because the stomach is more relaxed when sitting. I usually still stand up to do my injection just because it seems easier. Also, I tend to do my injection very slow. I am wondering if this adds to some of the sting I feel sometimes. I just cannot bring myself to stick that needle in my belly at record speed.


Kelsey said...

I do my injections pretty slowly too. I read the other day on dlife that the ideal injection is a real quick jab. I tried it a bit and it didn't hurt at all. But I have to force myself to jab, it's very much counter-intuitive. I'm not sure about the sitting vs. standing. I'll have to test that out. I seem to feel like they hurt more when I'm sitting, but it might be that I'm just not paying as much attention (like out at a restaurant or something).. hmm

Shannon said...

Although I'm not diabetic, I did stab myself with a needle just to see what my son was experiencing. I found that the quick jab didn't hurt at all.

Kerri. said...

I did injections for seventeen years (capping out at nine - eleven per day) and I always did the slow motion insertion. I still can't bring myself to toss the needle in like a dart. I think, in my mangled little mind, that a slow insertion helps me control rather than prolong the pain.

Logically, it doesn't make any sense. Neither does blowing on ice cream before I eat it, as though it was as hot as soup, but I do that, too.