Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lantus ... Expired?

My sugars were creeping up on me the past week or so. I was wondering why until I finally looked at the date on my vial of Lantus. 3/22/06. Hmmmmm....that means one month would have been up at 4/22 and today is 5/2! I normally use my Lantus about a week after it's expiration date of "28 days after opening", but this time I went a little longer just because, well, I forgot. So, last night I used my new vial and instead of waking up in the 190's like I had been the past week, I was about 124. Ahhh...much better. I really didn't believe, or didn't want to believe, that expiration date because after 28 days, I still have 1/2 bottle of Lantus left. Tossing that extra bit of insulin sucks.

Today I was rushing around like a maniac at lunch, ate a sandwich in about 3 minutes flat (real good, I know), folded some newspapers (I deliver the city paper every Thursday night in our neighborhood) and then finally checked my sugar - 58! I hadn't even done my humalog shot yet. So I guzzled a capri sun, which I really hate trying to get that damn straw in that juice bag because I always end up getting it all over me, and decided to head back to work after I was sure the juice had started working. I brought my shot to work with me and, well, got busy and didn't do it until about an hour later - and 262 points higher - I checked my sugar and it was 320! Good lesson about rushing around too much I guess.

I really would like to lose about five pounds for the summer. Sitting at a desk all day does not help that matter. Especially if I go low and end up eating candy or something. I have decided to bring juice to work with me, that way, if I get a low, I can just drink some juice instead of eating something with so many calories. I should have been doing that all along. Of course, I will keep some crackers in my desk drawer too.


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

glad you found out what the problem was. I hate throwing insulin out, seems such a waste. Just recently nothing seems to cure my hypos. No amount of juice works. I can't work it out.

Good luck loosing those pounds. Go bike riding, I've lost 5lbs since I started it :)

Laura said...

I plan on doing a lot of bike riding once we move...there are alot more places to ride. Hope you work out those Hypos........