Thursday, May 11, 2006

OOOOPS! Did I do that?

I had a wonderful Tuesday night. Started off watching my faves - American Idol and Scrubs. Sad to see Chris go but I know we will be seeing and hearing ALOT more from him. Scrubs was hilarious as usual. I go into the kitchen to do my Lantus shot. The cat is brushing up against my legs, my husband asked me to bring him his pop - I am doing my shot. All's well. I walk into the living room and hand my husband his pop and in the other hand I have a bag of cat treats and my HUMALOG! Why do I have my Humalog in my hand? Why? Did I just shoot 14 units of Humalog? Why else would I have it in my hand.......aside from wondering why I have carried it into the living room with me, I panicked! I checked my sugar. 167. Kinda high for before bed. Then I thought "It is a damn good thing I accidentally carried that vial into the living room with me, otherwise, I would never have known I shot the Humalog instead of the Lantus." I waited about 10 minutes just to be sure I didn't just grab the Humalog when I put the Lantus back for some reason. Nope. Sugar dropped 50 points in 15 minutes.

Off to the fridge I go. I was kinda scared that I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. I thought that my level would bottom out before I got enough sugar in me. So I started with a glass of OJ with a tablespoon of sugar in it. Then another. I checked again and it had come up to 138. I calmed down a little.....waited....checked again after 15 minutes and it was back down to 100. I ate a big bowl of cereal and then felt like I was gonna hurl. I was really bloated from all the juice and milk. Blah! I drank one more glass of OJ and checked again and it was, by that time, up to 155. I felt miserable - waited a while and then did my Lantus shot. I missed work yesterday though because I was up half the night scared that it would drop again. Plus, I used the restroom quite alot after all that juice!

I guess this serves as a great reminder to check and double check that vial before you do your shot! I know I will.


Sandra Miller said...


This post really struck a chord-- when Joseph was on shots, I was forever paranoid that I would give him Novolog instead of Lantus.

(Of course, now that he's on the pump I'm worried about him getting an accidental bolus-- which did happen this week!)

I am VERY glad you realized what happened-- and that you did everything necessary to prevent a potentially frightening hypo.

Awesome job!

julia said...

They make little coozies for insulin - maybe you could get one for either the Lantus or H, to make confusing them a bit more difficult. Or, put a hair elastic around one - something bright and big that you will notice.

I almost did that once with Olivia. She was on 22 units of Lantus and I drew up and almost injected 22 units of H into an 8 year-old. Yeah, that would have sucked. After that, I kept the Lantus in the butter keeper and the H in the vegetable crisper. Scared the crap out of me.

Glad you caught your mistake!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - very scary. I'm real glad you noticed what happened and were able to stay ahead of the dropping blood sugar.

Worst feeling in the world to be so full that you may pop - but have to keep eating because you're going low.

Just another example of how many things we have going on in our heads that can goof us up.

Glad it turned out Ok, and thanks for sharing the experience with us.

Chrissie in Belgium said...


I know the feeling you had, I have in the past done the same as you. Before the pump days one could easily give yourself your dose twice b/c you forgot you already did it! So it happens to the best of us. TERRIBLY SCARY! What freaks me out now is that I will forget to disconnect my pump before I prime the line. With a Cozmo that is 30U. My TDD is only 14U usually. Don't we all do several things at the same time????

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