Friday, May 26, 2006

What? No it can't!

I was watching the Early Show on CBS this morning and they were talking about Diabetes and how many in the United States don't even know that they have it. Great informative story EXCEPT, it seems that whenever Diabetes is discussed, they do not distinguish between the two VERY different types. Type 1 and Type 2. The Endocronologist was stating the risk factors that may lead to Diabetes. Weight, age, sedentary lifestyle..........No, sorry - not type 1 risk factors. Then she mentioned that Diabetes CAN be prevented by exercise and a healthy diet....No, sorry - type 1 cannot be prevented. Why can't they just seperate the two types? If someone who actually BELIEVED this story, was diagnosed with Type 1 after they heard it, they would be very confused. Especially if they were at a good weight and lived a healthy lifestyle, such as me, at my diagnosis. Is it just easier to say Diabetes, instead of the lengthy term (note sarcasm), Diabetes Type 1 or 2? I checked out the website and in the written article, it does state Type 2 in one part. And, the video did mention Type 2 as well, however, the interview did not indicate which Type they were talking about most of the time.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes, this is very frustrating.

There have been a few folks in the OC who have actually written and complained to the shows/authors.

I've never gone that far with anything like that myself, but it pissed me of all the same.

julia said...

Write and complain! Seriously, I've done it and generally get a response. I also write and praise when they do get it write, because I think it should be acknowledged on the rare occassion that it does happen.

Johnboy said...


Finer said...


My name is Dawn and my diagnosis was similar to yours. At first they said type 2 then type 1. Its been a little over a year now and still I find myself in denial from one week to the next. I do have a pump, but because I must have some beta cell function I can get away without it.
Do you still produce insulin? If so, how do you know? If I dont eat then I am ok. My fasting sugars are always over 120's if my pump isnt on. And my highest sugar has been 330, but thats only happened a couple of times. It seems like sometimes I am a diabetic and sometimes I am not. this does not help my denial...They say I must still be "honeymooning" but if thats the case I been honeymooning for a long time...
Can you shed any light?