Monday, April 25, 2005

Random Stuff

Well, it is a beautiful day outside after a weekend of snow, snow, snow! I want warm and sunny everyday!

Let's see - I just read about a supplement called Alpha-Lipoic Acid which is supposed to help with "preventing complications from diabetes. Specifically, alpha-lipoic acid may help to:

Treat symptoms of nerve damage in people with diabetes.
Preserve brain function in aging adults.
Prevent cancer.
Lessen numbness and tingling.
Protect the liver in cases of hepatitis and other types of liver disease.
Combat chronic fatigue syndrome
Reduce the incidence of cataracts"

Think I might look into this after I learn more about it.

Fasting sugar level was much too high this morning but I guess that has nothing to do with the Toffee Brownies my husband made last night. Why can't I keep my hands off of those things! One little bite turns into ten little bites. I don't do that often but I ate dinner too early yesterday and was pretty hungry before bed. I don't like to inject any Humalog before bed so, needless to say, high fasting this morning. Oh well! At least I know why!

Gripe for the week: Paula Abdul - enough okay! Who cares if she is drunk or on ludes or tripping on acid. The girl is wacky any way you look at it. She talks very strange as if her tongue is swollen, which I didn't notice until this year but, I DON'T CARE. I know she is strange and that's all that matters. Now if it was proven that she was drunk while taping American Idol - that would be a whole other story! hehe! What?

Thought for week: Treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself. Which doesn't translate into > Walk all over others, ignore them and cut them off while talking and you will be compensated nicely. Duh?!

Shout out for the week: Shout out to the new pope. Isn't he wonderful?! No explanation needed.

Reality TV quote for the week: Janu from Survivor returning from being stranded on an island by herself from being the first to lose in the immunity challenge. "But I couldn’t really eye-contact anybody. I didn’t really think it was being truthful. They were being truthful to being inquisitive on how it went. It was more like “Oh, that’s great, hey, good job, way to go” - the same people that were being rude and saying I created animosity on the day that we won the challenge. Just not nice. But it’s okay." Yea Janu! Mean people suck! Go Ian! Go Stephanie!

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