Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Not So Different

Four years into this disease and I still haven't got it all figured out, but who does I suppose. Those spikes in my sugar readings 3 hours after eating pasta or pizza (my favorites!), those morning highs every so often if I don't carefully monitor what I have eaten the day before, those dreaded lows if I have a little extra activity than I normally would and more dreaded lows if I don't calculate my carbs properly in my meal, checking my sugar while I am driving because I feel "funny" and come to find out I guess I just feel "funny" because my sugar isn't low! Yes, Yes ----- all these things come with having diabetes. Oh, and there are many more things that I could get down on myself for because of this disease. However, I find that it isn't that different than before diagnosis although it may sound very different.

I take Humalog and Lantus - the Humalog I take before meals in which I "kinda" calculate my carbs to figure out how much insulin to give myself. My Lantus (24 hour insulin) I take 12 units before bed. I am usually pretty good with before meal readings being under 140 and after meal readings being under 140 as well. It is the nightime that gets me. Being afraid that my sugar will go too low while I am sleeping and I will just not wake up. oooooo ----Scary! But I set my alarm for 2:00am just so I can see how I am feeling and test my sugar if I feel the need. It is always fine.

Anyways, it only takes about 30 seconds to do a shot, maybe less ---- about 10 seconds to check my sugar and the meals I eat are the types of meals everyone should be eating. I can say with confidence that I am healthier now than I was before I was diagnosed. I do have to carry my glucose monitor around with me everywhere I go and take my insulin and syringes if I will be eating out but it just doesn't effect my life to the point where I feel like I have a disease. I just have to take care of myself more. My sugars may spike at times but as long as I keep them in a range that is as close to normal at all other times, I don't worry about losing my limbs or my eyesite just because I ate a piece of cake. I just can't have a piece of cake everyday!

Oh and stem cell research - a topic for another day. But check this out.

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Lynn said...

I like your attitude! Keep it up!