Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My new glucose meter stalks me!

I got a new meter - the One Touch Ultra Smart. It keeps track of everything except what time I go to the bathroom! It is really keeping me in line with my sugar levels. It shows me what my sugar was before and after each meal and at night. It graphs all the readings and shows me where I need to be keeping the little dots (which are my readings) on the graph. Seeing the readings on a graph really is an attention grabber!

It shows me (if I enter the information) how much insulin I take with each meal, how many carbs I ate and all my averages. Every time I go to check my sugar I feel like I am telling it how I am doing today and it responds by telling me "oh really, look at this reading!". It is like it is alive. My little sidekick helping me stay on track. You can also enter information such as how you were feeling and/or how much you exercised when you took a particular reading.

It has a light on the screen, however, it doesn't have a light where you put the strip into the meter. That would be very helpful. The Freestyle Flash has a light on the screen and also where you place your strip to check. The One Touch Ultra Smart is alot bigger than the Freestyle Flash too with draws more attention to me when I check my sugar in public, which I shouldn't care about, but I do. Ah well, I will try it out for this month and see if I want to continue using it. I probably should.

My fasting levels have been too high the last few days. I woke up at 4:30am yesterday and was at 118 and then at 7:30am I was at 193! That good ole' dawn sydrome - gotta love it! Readings are good the rest of the day though so just need to work on that a little.

I had a low while grocery shopping on Saturday. Just walkin' around and it hit me! Anxiety, sweating, shaking. I took my sugar and it was 50. And I don't really trust these meters so I am thinking it could have been 30 or 70, all I know is that I felt really bad. I had to run and get a pepsi (make sure it wasn't diet!) and take it back to the shoe department where I sat down and drank half of it. I tried on a couple pairs of shows while I was waiting...anyways, after about 10 minutes I was feeling a little better so I checked it and it was up to 71 so I decided I should continue on my way. I was done shopping anyways. Passing out in the grocery store just doesn't sound like fun.

Make sure you have your Glucogon Kit (http://www.diabetes123.com/d_0n_022.htm) on hand at home kiddos. I have one in the drawer in the kitchen. It is nice to know it is there. They are good for about a year and then I always get a new one. When I get the new one, my husband and daughter practice how to mix and fill the syringe with the expired one, just so they are in good practice. I hope they never have to use that thing. The needle is huge!

Diabetes can't get me down........I won't let it.

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