Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scary Stuff

Okay, I admit it. I'm scared. I am so scared of a hypo that I have kept my sugars too high alot of times. Especially before bed. Even though I set my alarm for 1:30am every night, I still wonder, "Will I wake up if my sugar goes too low?", "Will I die?" Hypo unawareness really scares me. I have had diabetes for about five years now and I can still pretty much tell when my sugar is dropping but sometimes I check and it will be down to 45 and I will have had no symptoms at all. My schedule is very routine and I usually know when to check; before breakfast, then around 10am, before lunch, then around 2pm, before dinner, and then around's those in-between times that get us all. I will check probably 3-4 extra times in-between just to be sure nothing "strange" is going on. The weekends are somewhat of a challenge because my normal routine is much different. More lax I guess. When I clean my house on Sundays, I can't keep my sugar up and end up drinking a sugary soda thoughout the whole day. Cleaning the house and grocery shopping are good things to do to get your sugar down!

I tried the Extend Bars a couple nights ago. My sugar was 95 before bed. I wanted to see if the nutty chalky tasting bar would level my sugars out overnight. Well, I checked again after about 45 minutes of eating it and my reading was 215! Okay, it's not supposed to give you a big spike as it says it only has 2 grams of fact acting carb. So........needles to say, I don't think those work very well for me. Dinner was nothing that would have hit me later so I contribute all the rise in sugar to the Extend Bar.


Bernard said...


Sorry to hear that you're going through this at the moment.

For the weekend stuff, you may want to just reduce your basal rates a lot. You may not think of it like this, but cleaning is really exercise.

As for not waking up when low in the middle of the night - I've had glycemic unawareness for some time now. Even when I'm very low at night, I wake up. Sometimes very low and very sweaty, but I do wake at some stage.

I hope you can figure out an approach that works for you.

Dawn said...

I have the same fear for my son (type1 9yrs old newly diag).. The diabetes nurse educator basically said the same thing as Bernard... I check in on him all the time at exactly 1:30am .. exhausting... nice blog .. oh yeah she also said that peanutbutter on celery helps hold up #'s @ bedtime?? I'm new to this ~ figure anything out reach me at my blog :D

Dawn said...

just as I pressed publish comment my son got up blood sugar 95 from 179 @ bed only 2hrs ago. He didnt know he was dropping he was too tired .. after reading this my anxiety got the best of me I did "the famous test incase.." symptoms... no shakes,alittle sweaty, and got up. Good enough for me! now I can sleep skipping that 1:30am calling ~ lets just hope the am #'s are good?he had 1cmilk and some fruit snacks..ugh.. our morning#'s are too high ALOT...

Anonymous said...
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