Friday, December 15, 2006

How Stange

I was reading the book I mentioned, "Cheating Destiny", last night. All cuddled up in bed, nice warm and cozy with a sugar reading of 156. That's fine for my before bed reading. Also, take note that I usually don't read these kinds of books because they tend to scare me a little and they can be quite depressing. I was reading about the author's child and how he was diagnosed with diabetes. I was reading about lows and the effects they have on the body and what happens if you go severely low. I started to feel anxious. I know my sugar probably couldn't have went too low in the matter of twenty minutes since I last checked. My heart started pounded too hard and I felt dizzy. I grabbed my meter pretty fast because I thought I was going really low.......from the symptoms I was having, I was thinking my sugar must have dropped into the 40's. Check it, wait, Oh Cripes.......wait...five seconds seems like a freakin' eternity - my sugar is still in the 150's. I check it again, just to be sure, and it is the same. I layed in bed trying to relax and wondering why I felt this way. It seems, reading that damn book gave me an anxiety attack. Reading about how your body SHOULD wake you up if you go too low and how your body should kick some glucose in if you start to go way too low - just reading all that scary stuff made me anxious. Now I really, honestly know why I DO NOT want to read these books. I sat the book on my nightstand, looking at it, shaking my head, and wondering why anyone wants to read about such depressing things. I will stick to the facts and read them when I need to, I guess. No more book for me! It would be like having cancer, getting a book about it, and then reading about all the terrible things that COULD happen to you. That's okay. I pass.

Anyways, one great point from the book that I just don't understand is why, WHY!!! are foods that are unhealthy so cheap and foods that are healthy for us cost so much more!!!! It really tends to piss me off. The potato chips with all the unhealthy trans fats cost about $2.50 a bag. The Baked Lay's are almost $4 a bag! And then we are soooo freakin' concerned about obesity and diabetes in this country. And, in my opinion, that is price gouging(Hello? against the law, right?). The good cuts of meat are $4 a pound and the meat with all the disgusting fats is like $2 a pound. People on very fixed incomes cannot eat the healthy way they may want to; therefore, they become unhealthy, and they might not have health insurance because they can't afford that (which is an entirely new story) and BAM! Health costs skyrocket for the entire country! It is like everyone has a hidden agenda. Don't let anyone really be able to afford healthy food because they might actually lose weight and become healthy and then what will happen!? Could you imagine if that bag of Baked Lay's cost $2.50 and the uhealthy bag of chips cost $4? Oh NO! I would have to buy the Baked Lays!!!!!! The government REALLY needs to get a damn clue!

My vent for the week! ; )


Nina said...

I was reading that book last night too! I actually like it a lot - i even wrote a post about it on my site he other day.I guess I don't see it as "depressing" - more like a reality check. I agree with you about how expensive helthy foods are in comparison with fast foods.We need to make a lot of changes in this country.

Scott said...

That's an approach to the health care costs that I haven't thought about before - though it makes perfect sense!

justme said...

so true. and sad really for those who cannot afford to buy the healthier options. with diabetes increasing worldwide, and also in third world countries, where people have practically no money! something should be done about it..

Sasha said...

The anxiety attacks are so true and annoying. I tend to have lows at night and sometimes I just can't sleep afraid of my blood glucose going low again and having all the 'lovely' symptoms, so I end up checking my blood glucose up to 3 times sometimes at night.

About the health food products, also so true. And I don't like reading those books on diabetes either. After 15 years I know all the scary possibilities and don't need to be reminded of them. It's just asking for another anxiety attack.

Hannah said...

I realize this post is from a while back, but I just wanted to say that I was pleased when I went to the convenience store the other day to grab a quick lunch and I found that Diet Pepsi was $1.04, and real Pepsi was $1.50.

Hey, it's not a lot, but maybe that's a start. I hope other stores follow.

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