Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Is it that much different?

How different is my life now than 5 years ago when I didn't have diabetes? Is there anything I can't do now or anything I don't trust doing because of my sugar readings?

Honestly, my life is not different for the most part. I have to eat right but so should everyone. I check my sugar about 10x a day. It doesn't hurt and only takes about 6 seconds so that is about one minute taken up there. I do a shot before or after each meal which takes about 1 minute to draw up the insulin and inject. About 5 shots a day - 6-7 on a bad day full of correction shots. So about 7 minutes taken on that. If I have a low sugar, I eat a snack. If I have a mind numbing low reading of 50 or below, I have to take time out to sit down and drink some juice. Usually about 15-30 minutes is taken for that but thankfully that doesn't happen too often. In total about 20 minutes or less is taken on my diabetes care throughout the day. And, I make sure I do NOT think about it constantly.

I can't think of anything that I do not do now that I did before because of my diabetes. I just have to be more cautious........amusement parks, vacationing, the beach, etc., are all activities I still enjoy.

It is unfortunate that anybody should get this disease, let alone any disease. But we are fortunate enough to have the means of controlling it and not letting it control us. It is our choice.


Penny said...

I posted something kind of like this on my blog today. I was asking if my son didn't have diabetes what would he be doing today. I came to the conclusion that he would be doing the exact same things he's doing anyway.

Nice post.

Andrea said...

For me, Diabetes takes a bigger role...probably a much bigger role than it needs to be. There's no doubt in my mind that I obsess about it, which is not good.

I agree with you- Diabetes really shouldn't run your life. I think you approach having this disease in a good way- it seems like you don't let it get in your way or prevent you from living your life.

Hope you keep up that positive attitude- I admire that :)

Shannon said...

Also be happy you don't live in a third world country with no access to insulin or testing equipment. I think about that on days when I think it's tough dealing with my son's management. I get over real quick.